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Online Tutoring

Math Center tutoring is available in person and online via Microsoft Teams.

During our open hours, you can drop into the Math Center in Engineering 233, or chat with a tutor live in MS Teams. Math and Physics tutors are available in the Math Center - Math & Physics team, computer science tutors are available through the Math Center - CS Tutoring team, and you can find social science statistics tutors in the Math Center - Statistics team. You can join any one (or all) of these teams and post comments or questions at any time, however, tutors are only available live while the center is open. CS and statistics tutors may not be on duty during all open hours, their schedules are posted in Teams.

To download Teams and join one of our teams, use the Guide to Joining Teams.

All math tutors can help you with material from any class between Math 090 - Beginning Algebra and Math 2350-Calculus 3, except Math 2150-Discrete Math. If you need to work with a tutor on a math class beyond Math 2350, Math 2150, a physics class, a computer science class or if you would like to work with a social science statistics tutor, please choose the tutor based on the list in the table below. If you're not sure who to work with, call us at (719) 255-3687 for help finding a tutor.


Subjects & Tutors

Math 090 & Math 099

All math tutors

Math 1040, Math 1060, Math 1120, Math 1330

Math 1350, Math 1360, Math 2350

All math tutors

Math 2150 - Discrete Math

Donovan, Jack, Mel, Tori, Zach

Math 3010 & Math 3020

Math for Elementary Teachers

Donovan, Jack, Mel, Tori, Zach

Math 3100 - Statistics for the Sciences

Donovan, Jack, Mel, Tori, Zach

Math 3110 - Number Theory

Donovan, Jack, Zach

Math 3130 - Linear Algebra

Alix, Donovan, Hetal, Jack, Mel, Zach

Math 3400 - Differential Equations

Alix, Colin, Donovan, Hetal, Jack, Lawrence, Ryan, Zach

Math 3410 - Intro to Analysis

Donovan, Jack, Mel

Math 3810 - Probability & Statistics

Jack, Tori



Physics 1

Alix, Autumn, Colin, Lawrence, Ryan

Physics 2

Alix, Autumn, Colin, Lawrence, Ryan

Physics 3

Alix, Autumn, Lawrence, Ryan

Computer Science

Alex, Andrew, Autumn, James, Neeta, Srikanth, Zakery

Social Science Statistics

Tutors also work with students in Quan 2010, Quan 2020, and Biostatistics

For help with mathematical statistics, see Math 3810 above

Josh, Milly