Local Tutors

Local Tutors

Local Tutors

This list is provided as a community service. We strongly encourage UCCS students to utilize the free services of the Excel Math Center. Private tutors are not all Math Center employees, and private tutoring is not a free service. Fees are determined on a case by case basis between the tutor and student.

If you are an individual in the Colorado Springs area and would like to be added to our list of tutors, please fill out the information form and return it to the Math Center in Engineering 233, or email it to the center director at jdorring@uccs.edu.  



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Maggie Andrews

Master's degree in chemical and biological engineering from CU Boulder.

Over 20 years experience teaching and tutoring at the high school and college level.

Elementary school through college level mathematics, including Calculus 1, 2, 3, differential equations, linear algebra, discrete math and statistics. Can also provide assistance with physics, chemistry, biology and engineering courses.



(765) 543-7542

Gaurav Bhagat

Eighteen years tutoring experience, three years teaching experience.

All levels of middle school and high school mathematics; college mathematics through Calculus II

celebration26@yahoo.com (719) 302-2236

Jazzmyn Boykins

BS in mechanical engineering from UCCS.

High school Algebra 1 and 2; College Algebra, and Calculus 2.


Robyn Bucher

MS in applied mathematics from UCCS. Over ten years teaching experience.

All levels of high school and college math


Dionisia DeLaCerda

Bachelor's degree in mathematics, master's degree in public administration.

All levels of high school and college mathematics, including statistics.

Available for online tutoring only.

themathgeek@aol.com (719) 209-3688

Quanling Du

Bachelor's degree in mathematics from UCCS, and master's degree in business. More than two years college-level tutoring experience. Taught middle school for eight years.

All levels of high school math, plus Calculus 1, 2, and 3, and geometry.


David Everest

Former university professor with 28 years experience teaching as a fulltime profession.

All levels of college math. Specializes in calculus for engineers and other mathematical majors. Will work with high school students under certain circumstances.



(805) 441-1124

Lori French

Bachelor's degree in mathematics from UCCS, master's degree in Higher Education from UCCS, CRLA certified tutor with over 10 years tutoring experience.

Developmental mathematics for college students, as well as college algebra, calculus 1 and business calculus.


(719) 229-1137

Justin Garrish

Bachelor's and master's degrees in mathematics, minor in physics.

All levels of mathematics, from elementary through college. College and high school physics.




Jewell Anne Hartman

More than five years tutoring experience. BA in mathematics and MS physics. PhD student in physics at UCCS.

All levels of high school and college math and physics, Matlab, C++, and Mathematica.

jhartman@uccs.edu (719) 330-0198

Jacob Lojewski

UCCS physics and math major.

All levels of high school math; Calculus I, II, & III, differential equations and linear algebra, college physics, and programming, including C/C++ and Python.



Heather Potter

Master's degree in Applied Mathematics from UCCS. CRLA certified tutor. Over 15 years tutoring experience, and over 10 years teaching experience.

All math courses K - 12; college-level math courses up to Calculus 1 and 2, including college preparatory courses. Online or in-person.



Tim E Robinson

Currently enrolled in Information Security program at UCCS

All levels of high school math.


Virginia Ramos

Master's in mathematics, high school and college teaching experience.

Algebra (all levels), Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus I & II, Statistics.


(719) 635-9385

(719) 761-1343

Nicole Rosa

BS in mathematics from Carnegie-Mellon University, MS in computer science from CU. Twenty-eight years tutoring experience. Military discounts available; will work with VA.

All levels of high school and college mathematics, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus, as well as ACT/SAT preparation.

**Bring-a-friend discount for in-person tutoring. Online tutoring available, too.


(719) 320-5552

David Sanchez Molina

UCCS engineering and economics major.Three years tutoring experience. References available.

Middle school through college, including math, physics and economics. Also available to tutor Spanish.


(302) 217-8462

Maple So

Bachelor's degree in mathematics, Master of Arts in Teaching with a mathematics concentration.

Middle school through college, including pre-algebra, college algebra, precalculus, Calculus 1, Calculus 2 and Finite Mathematics. No statistics.



Jim Willetts

Bachelor's degree in mathematics, minor in physics

Middle school through college level mathematics. Also tutors physics and tennis.


(719) 268-7181